General questions

  • How many devices can I trade in at one time?

    Our website can accept multiple trade-in devices, from multiple business locations, at one time. If you are trading in more than 1,000 devices, we suggest that you contact us first by calling 1-800-937-8997 or 611 from your mobile device. We may be able to provide a more convenient solution for trading in your devices.

  • Help! I don’t see my device make and model in the search results. Can I still trade it in?

    If you don't see your device make and model, contact us at 1-800-937-8997 or call 611 from your mobile device. We’ll research it and let you know if we can provide you an Initial Trade-In Quote.

  • How long do I have to turn in my trade-in devices after submitting my Trade-In request?

    All devices must be shipped within 45 days of the Initial Trade-In Quote.

  • How will I receive credit for my trade-in devices?

    A credit will be applied directly to the T-Mobile for Business account under which you submitted your Trade-In request.

  • How long will it take to receive my credit?

    Once we receive your devices, a credit will be applied to your T-Mobile for Business account within the next billing cycle.

  • What happens if my trade-in doesn’t meet the conditions of the Initial Trade-In Quote?

    Your devices will be inspected once they arrive and your credit will be adjusted based on the actual condition of your devices. Please see Terms & Conditions and your Customer Agreement for full details.

  • The credit I received for my trade-in doesn’t match the Initial Trade-In Quote. What happened?

    There are a few reasons why your actual trade-in credit may be different from your Initial Trade-In Quote:

    • The devices you shipped differ from what was initially quoted.
    • The condition of your devices didn’t match what was indicated during the initial quote process.
    • Your devices were received too late (after the 45-day time allowance).
    • Your devices don't power on; have FMiP/anti-theft enabled; screen damage; or liquid damage.
    • Failure to remove locks and passwords on the devices may result in a Final Trade-In Quote as low as $0.
    • If after timely receipt and inspection, CWork determines that your devices do not meet the eligibility criteria, are not the models, or in the condition you represented, CWork may in its sole discretion determine the Final Trade-In Quote to be minimal or $0.
  • I don’t have all the accessories that came with my device(s). Can I still trade them in?

    Yes! Even if you don’t have all the stuff that came with it, your trade-in will still be accepted.

  • How do I turn off locks and remove passwords from my devices?

    For Apple® devices visit Android and other connected devices, refer to the device manufacturer's instructions.

  • Will private information be removed from my trade-in devices?

    Wipe all personal information and remove SIM cards from your devices. It is your sole responsibility to protect your privacy by removing all personal, confidential or sensitive information and data from Your Device(s) before shipment to CWork.

    Rest assured, T-Mobile will never sell or share your private information with other individuals, companies, or parties without your express consent. Please see privacy policy for more information.

  • When will I receive my shipping materials?

    About a week after you have completed your Initial Trade-In Quote online, you’ll receive pre-paid shipping materials and instructions for sending in your devices

  • What’s included with my shipping materials?

    You’ll receive an outer box which contains: shipping instructions; pre-labeled shipping boxes, one for every nine devices; dividers for each shipping box; bubble bags for each device; and pre-cut, clear tape to seal your boxes.

  • Is shipping free?

    Yes, you’ll enjoy convenient, no-cost shipping to and from our warehouse (within the continental U.S.). After you’ve completed the Initial Trade-In Quote, we’ll send you pre-paid shipping materials.

  • How do I package my trade-in for shipping?

    It’s easy. To protect the value of your trade-in devices, be sure to only use the shipping materials we provide. Along with boxes, we’ll send detailed instructions on how devices should be packed and shipped. For safety reasons, please pack no more than nine devices per box. Important: if you don’t use our packaging or follow our shipping instructions, we won’t be responsible for damages that may occur in transit.

  • I have more than nine devices. Where can I get more boxes?

    Additional boxes can be requested by visiting the Track or reorder shipping boxes page.

  • Where do I ship my devices?

    After you’ve packaged your devices using the pre-paid shipping boxes, simply drop them off at any USPS location nationwide. You can find a nearby location by visiting the