Trade-In credit questions

A bill credit will be applied directly to the T-Mobile for Business account under which you submitted your Trade-In request

Once we receive your devices, a credit will be applied to your T-Mobile for Business account within the next billing cycle.

Your devices will be inspected once they arrive and your credit will be adjusted based on the actual condition of your devices. Please see Terms & Conditions and your Customer Agreement for full details.

There are a few reasons why your actual trade-in credit may be different from your Initial Trade-In Quote:

  • The devices you shipped differ from what was initially quoted.
  • The condition of your devices didn’t match what was indicated during the initial quote process.
  • Your devices were received too late (after the 45-day time allowance).
  • Your devices don't power on; have FMiP/anti-theft enabled; screen damage; or liquid damage.
  • Failure to remove locks and passwords on the devices may result in a Final Trade-In Quote as low as $0.
  • If after timely receipt and inspection, Broadtech determines that your devices do not meet the eligibility criteria, are not the models, or in the condition you represented, Broadtech may in its sole discretion determine the Final Trade-In Quote to be minimal or $0.

You will receive updates by email throughout the process:

  • An email confirming the process has been initiated
  • Emails to confirm your trade-in devices were received and showing the bill credit that will be applied (you may receive more than one email)
  • An email if we need to return any ineligible devices back to you All emails will include a Business Trade-In ID which you can use on this website to track your boxes.

Simply visit and submit a new trade-in request by clicking Start your Trade-In and we will ship new boxes to you.