Shipping questions

Your Business Trade-In ID can be found at the top of the email sent to you when you submitted your Trade-In request.

About a week after you have completed your Initial Trade-In Quote online, you’ll receive pre-paid shipping materials and instructions for sending in your devices.

You’ll receive an outer box which contains: shipping instructions; pre-labeled shipping boxes, one for every nine devices; dividers for each shipping box; bubble bags for each device; and pre-cut, clear tape to seal your boxes.

Yes, you’ll enjoy convenient, no-cost shipping to and from our warehouse (within the continental U.S.). After you’ve completed the Initial Trade-In Quote, we’ll send you pre-paid shipping materials.

It’s easy. To protect the value of your trade-in devices, be sure to only use the shipping materials we provide. Along with boxes, we’ll send detailed instructions on how devices should be packed and shipped. For safety reasons, please pack no more than nine devices per box.Important: if you don’t use our packaging or follow our shipping instructions, we won’t be responsible for damages that may occur in transit.

After you’ve packaged your devices using the pre-paid shipping boxes, simply drop them off at any USPS location nationwide. You can find a nearby location by visiting the