T-Mobile Business Trade-In Program
Customer Agreement

"You" are entering into an agreement ("Agreement") with Broadtech, LLC ("Broadtech") for Your device(s) (collectively "Devices") via T-Mobile's Business Trade-In Program ("Program"). By signing and/or agreeing to these Agreement terms on behalf of Your corporate, organizational or governmental entity, You represent that You are authorized to sign this Agreement. By clicking accept or sending in your Devices, you agree that

  1. You have sole ownership rights and title to the Devices, or will pay off any outstanding balance to obtain sole ownership rights, and are not trading in counterfeit or stolen Devices.
  2. By accepting the Initial Trade-In Quote, You are giving up full ownership rights to Your Devices. This transaction is final and non-refundable. Your Devices may not be returned.
  3. You will deactivate the Devices and are solely responsible for any outstanding balances, and for any charges incurred on the Devices before, during and after the trade-in.
  4. The Initial Trade-in Quote that you have received via the Trade-in Portal is an estimate only. Broadtech has the right to evaluate Your Devices upon receipt to validate the information You provided, and make adjustments to the Final Trade-In Quote based upon that evaluation.
  5. If Broadtech determines the value of Your Devices is zero, Broadtech will return Your Devices.
  6. If Your Devices are not the models indicated in the Trade-In Portal, or in the condition You represented, Your Final Trade-In Quote may be a lesser amount than the Initial Trade-In Quote.
  7. You will remove all Device data, personal information, passwords, user locks, SIM cards, memory cards, contacts, emails, pictures, apps, cookies, browsing history and data, calendars, or user locks. Failure to remove locks and passwords on the Devices will result in a Final Trade-In Quote of $0.
  8. You must ship Your Devices in the carton(s) provided by Broadtech within 60 calendar days from the date You accepted the Initial Trade-In Quote.
  9. Broadtech and T-Mobile may share information related to this transaction, including Your name, address, telephone number, and email address, as well as Device model, make, IMEI, and serial number, directly to or through a database maintained or approved by law enforcement officials, regulators or other third parties.
  10. You have read and agree to the T-Mobile Business Trade-In Program Terms and Conditions located at www.tmobiletradein.com/terms.